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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Spreading New Life

This is perhaps one of the greatest joys a child can experience. Remember, often times it's the little things that matter most!

Hooray for God's incredible creations...and for the chance to spread new life! 

  Be Blessed,


Monday, June 4, 2012

A Little Boost of Confidence

This one kick-board gave my big boy that little boost of confidence he needed this weekend.  With this one kick-board, he taught himself how to swim!

Things such as this do not always come so easy to my sweet boy.  I didn't know if he was ever going to be able to have shoes with laces at one point; or if the training wheels would ever come off the bike.  Every time, he proves me wrong...I should have seen this coming with the swimming too, but I didn't.

J has always had a slight fear of the water...actually, he pretty much is okay with it, as long as it doesn't end up in his face.  The water, and bright sun (which is a whole other sensory issue we struggle with) combination, can be a gruesome one in his world.  For these reasons, I wasn't sure if swimming was ever going to be something he would really learn how to do well.

This Saturday, we went to the pool with some good friends...they brought J this kick-board.  He hasn't been so excited about anything since Christmas!  I also remembered to go dig the goggles out of the garage so he could see in the water.  Within 15 minutes, he decided he may not need the kick-board...and in 15 more, he was swimming with his face in the water for long stretches at a time!  He taught himself to swim...I was ecstatic for him!  The pride exhuming from him since then has been so wonderful to see.  He is definitely walking a little taller today.

On Saturday, this one kick-board gave my son the ability to find his strength and determination within.  You see, I guess sometimes all we need is just one little boost of confidence.  Whether you are 8 or 30, a little self-belief goes a long way!

Be Blessed,