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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Toddler Faces

These are in the exact order they were snapped. Quite the animated little character!

Always a reason to smile around here :)

Be Blessed,


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Seeking More Patience

Oh patience...how most of us wish we had more of it. I know I do, a lot more of it!

I try to have a heart of patience, but let's face it, easier said than done most of the time. Lately, I feel like my patience is being tried more often than not.

J has been extremely moody and difficult for the past few weeks. Disrespectful words and looks start flying around more these days, and my temper tends to flare as well. I had a long talk with him one day last week after a huge homeschool meltdown, and this week is definitely off to a better start. However, after 15 minutes of school yesterday he was already complaining of boredom...ugh!!!

And then we have L...oh my how he is growing up and testing my patience these days too. He is always upset that he can't do what he wants, when he wants, how he wants, and he's going to let me know about it. Nap time these days is enough to send me running too. 3 times last week he screamed bloody murder, kicked, hit and fought me for 30-45 minutes each time I lay him down for nap. I eventually won the battles (he is not a nice little boy without a nap), but when his dad is here, absolutely not a peep out of him. Really?!

Then the hubby walks through the door grumpy, and tired, and complaining about some yahoo at work. Sometimes I feel like every single ounce of my patience is sucked dry by 5:00 PM.

I have been really working with myself on digging deep and embracing the idea of patience. I pray about it and love to read scripture related, but I still let it get the best of me from time to time. So this is my new task for myself, embracing patience! I need to remember more that it's okay to take a step back, a deep breath, and try again later.

Do you struggle with patience? How do you embrace it or find more of it?

Be Blessed,


Monday, January 23, 2012

I Used To...A Follow Up

Well was everyone's weekend full of lots of fun, family & rest? Mine was! And now it's Monday yet again.

Who took 30 minutes last week for theirselves? Who kept the pact and did something they used to do?

I did...a couple times because it felt so good.

I painted my toes, which never happens during the winter!

I watched a show that I love, Parenthood, in the peace of my bedroom alone last week. I have not been watching it because I just haven't made the time, so it was pure bliss!

I ordered a new stocking project which arrived this weekend. During nap time I turned off all the noise and sat quietly to stitch for an hour and a half. Ah the peace and quiet was invigorating!

As you can see, it doesn't take a lot to make me happy. I felt better taking time for me! I believe I will continue to make it a habit. Every once in a while life can wait, laundry can wait, and dishes can wait. I would love to know what you did last week that you "used to". Did it feel as invigorating as it did for me? If you didn't find the time, you must this week, and then come back to share.

Be Blessed,


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: My Handyman!

He really "knows" how to use all of this stuff from watching his daddy. I love my cute little handyman!

Thanks so much for stopping by today, and

Be Blessed,


Monday, January 16, 2012

I Used To....

How many times a month, a week, heck even a day do you say "I used to....."? I have found myself saying this entirely too often lately, time to change that!

I used to go window shopping once a week just for the fun of it.

I used to take long warm bubble baths for relaxation.

I used to love to dance.

I used to write beautiful poetry.

I used to sit and doodle aimlessly for hours.

I used to read at least a book a week.

I used to take more time for me.

Then, life happened. Motherhood happened. Homeschooling happened. It is so easy to forget about you and the things that you enjoy besides your family.

So I am making a pact with myself, and hopefully some of you, to take time once a week to do something "I used to..."! I am going to take at least 30 minutes to enjoy something for me. After all, when Mom is not happy, no one is right?! But seriously, it is so important for us to remember to take care of ourselves too. It's easy to constantly feel burned out, behind schedule and overwhelmed.

So, I'm not sure what, when and where, but this week I am going to take 30 minutes to do something I used to do! Will you join me? What is the one thing you used to do that you miss the most?

Have a beautiful week and

Be Blessed,


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Journaling the Smilestones

So I have a favorite moment from every day with each one of my boys. I never really thought about doing it, but each night I think back on the day and take a moment to smile about my favorite moment between me and J, and me and L. Then I try my hardest to turn my brain off and drift off to an unconscious state. But Tuesday night, I decided that I should begin journaling these moments...or as I love to refer to them, Smilestones!

I picked up 2 spiral notebooks and will write down the moment that sticks out in my mind the most for each boy every night. How incredibly fun will it be to have these journals to look back at one day when they are grown and gone!

So, these were the first Smilestones recorded:

J - I love that he refuses to call country music by any other name than Texas music, which is now his favorite genre by the way! We had a lengthy discussion about this during a walk.

and L - When I whispered to him that we were going to get ice cream, he squealed, put his forehead to mine and whispered "ice cream" back to me. Then followed me around and told me to Shhh for the next 5 minutes.

Do you have a way of recording special moments or milestones for your children? I would love to hear! I have not been the best about keeping up with baby books and such...this is the first step to turning that around.

Be Blessed,


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Brooke's Angel Wings

Hi friends, I sit down to write today about an unbelievably important message that my friend, Laurie, and her family desperately want to spread. The story is not easy to hear and the pictures, not easy to see, but if you are a parent, step-parent, grandparent, Aunt, Uncle, cousin, friend, etc. of a small child you must read and share this post!! (Um, you should probably grab some tissues too.)

When you ask most parents what their worst fear is, I would venture to guess about 90% would say, "Something terrible happening to my child/children.". I know that's mine at least, somewhere in your head though you always tell yourself it would never happen to us though...right? Well for Laurie, this is exactly what happened. A tragic accident occurred when her daughter was at the young age of 3 that would forever change their lives. Here is an excerpt from Laurie explaining the horror of that day:

“It was really loud. I just remember looking into the doorway and seeing the bottom of the dresser, but not Brooke. I panicked when I realized she was underneath the dresser. I was only able to partially lift the dresser myself because I had just had a major back surgery. My effort had gotten the weight of the dresser off of her head, and I was hanging on with all my strength. I was screaming for my husband, Matt. He was there instantly and literally threw the dresser from her into the corner of Bradley’s room. I saw her reaction…she shuttered or jerked a little and then I saw the blood coming from her left ear.”

Can you even imagine....? Okay, now wipe the tears from your eyes. I am happy to tell you that Brooke recovered completely, after a craniotomy and a miraculously strong fight, and is now a vibrant, healthy and beautiful 5 year old girl.

Unfortunately, their family accumulated a massive amount of medical bills throughout the ordeal. Then, to top it off, Laurie's husband was laid off and then more recently, so was Laurie. So, Laurie and her daughter Brooke, are taking matters into their own hands by launching Brooke's Angel Wings. They now make and sell gorgeous, handmade necklaces to help pay the bills and keep their home. I told Laurie to place an order for this one for me, I love it!!

Now I am gonna ask for your help...help in any way you can. Share this story with someone else, you may just save a life! Look around your house, do you see furniture that should be fastened to the wall, but isn't? (I found several pieces that weren't. We now have those pieces of furniture strapped to walls, I couldn't sleep until my hubby took care of it!) Finally, if you can, GO HERE and purchase a necklace. They are one of a kind beautiful pieces, and make wonderful gifts too!

The message here is loud and clear! Statistics say that a small child is severely injured or killed from furniture tip over accidents once every 2 weeks. Unfortunately, one of those deaths occurred just last week. The reality of this is frighteningly urgent people!! Strap your furniture to the wall!!

Be Blessed,