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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Error Free Writing

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I'm gonna get up on my little grammar soapbox today, because I think you should all know about a fabulous resource available (this could really be every writer's right hand man). As a blogger, social media junkie, and a home school mom, I constantly assume the role of grammar checker! Misspelled words and improper grammar, drives me batty. I am by no means perfect, but I have my proof reading techniques, and try to put out error free blog posts.

I know that most days it's a miracle to even get a post up, but we should never be in too big of a hurry to not check and recheck our work before we hit Publish. I take a systematic approach to proof reading. First, I look for places I can enhance or re-word to improve the post (a lot of times I need to edit a lot). Next, I comb through my writing several times with a spelling check. Finally, I revise for any grammar or punctuation errors. Definitely takes a little extra time, but worth the product in the end!

I watch and cringe every week on Facebook and Twitter, as person after person uses the wrong form of THEIR, THERE, and THEY'RE!! IT'S and ITS seems to be a confusing one as well. My dear bloggy friend Evin, over at Food Good Laundry Bad, stared at WHOSE and WHO's the other day until she had herself baffled and called in reinforcements (I love that she took that extra time we talked about to put out error free work!). I constantly notice mistakes when reading some of my favorite bloggers and even some of those "big" bloggers.

Enter Grammarly, a fool proof way to check your writing...and a multi-purpose tool for my fellow homeschool readers as well! Grammarly is the perfect resource for students, teachers, bloggers and writers as it is customizable for your writing needs. Grammarly covers everything I go over in my systematic proof reading approach, plus some, like a plagiarism checker. Another fabulous feature of Grammarly, you will not only learn what to fix, but how and why so you learn from your mistakes. I can see this resource saving me all kinds of time in the future! You can sign up today for a 7 day free trial to see if it's something that works to improve your writing. I would highly recommend it...let's begin a proper grammar movement friends!

Be Blessed,